Jesus Christ is to be glorified in everything we do! Therefore, we stand firm on His Word and His life’s example (By Word and Deed). Legalism is not the objective, but our clients need to see that we live exemplary lives. The illegal use of drugs is strictly forbidden for all Tiger Pause employees. Additionally, our staff does not condone or use tobacco (chewing and dipping included), alcohol, or offensive language while engaged in any Tiger Pause sanctioned activity. We ask for and expect complete commitment on this in your public life and prayerfully consider what the Lord would have you sacrifice in your private. (Ref. Luke 17:2) All music present at any Tiger Pause sanctioned program, event, or meeting must be non-offensive and must not contain any type of derogatory, or racial language, sexual inferences, or any vulgar language. We teach that premarital sex, homosexual activity, and adultery are wrong and in violation of God’s Word. Employees agree to not engage in any of these activities while they are actively employed at Tiger Pause. Integrity, loyalty, and honestly: you will be happy to be a part of the ministry where all members are loyal to each other. Each staff member agrees to immediately report any deviation of Tiger Pause’s rules, policies, and practices by a student or fellow tutor or staff member to the Executive Director for prayerful and loving consideration and action on their behalf. When dealt with openly and considerately, God always uses these situations to produce growth in the life of each person concerned. Each staff member is expected to do his job to the best of their ability to the glory of Jesus Christ. You are working for the Lord, not just Tiger Pause. Ephesians 6:5-8. Since we function as a team, you will be expected to work as a team. (“It’s not my job” is not an acceptable statement.) Tiger Pause conveys a freedom of appropriate dress with good taste. We do not desire to be legalistic on this issue, but do desire to be sure to display to our clients proper attire both in style and practicality for our activities. There will be no cross-dressing such as men wearing women’s clothing or men wearing eye make-up or painting nails. Likewise, women must display modest clothing, which communicates a desire for purity in their lives.

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Matt Nance

Executive Director

Bryan Crawl

Director of Ministry

Sabrina Tench

Music Director,
After-School Supervisor

Lisa Gouldsbarry

Office Manager

Abby York

Public Relations Liason

Elaine Roboski

Director of Redeeming Lives, After-school and Summer Camp

David Smith

Director of Building Leaders

Shane Collier

Director of Transforming Communities

Briana Hutchins

Office Assistant

Alexis Eady

Director of Food Service
(After-School and Summer Camp)

Tre Hairston

Mentoring Director

Peter Lyons

E.O.T. Supervisor