Furniture Pick-up/Work Request

Furniture Pick-up

Pickup Waiver


Furniture Pick-up / Work Request DISCLAIMER

All items picked up are re-sold to help support the ministry of Tiger Pause. We reserve the right to refuse items that we cannot easily resell in our Furniture Bank.

We will schedule work and furniture pick-ups at your convenience, but subject to our worker schedule. While you may request a certain pick-up time and date, confirmation of scheduled work/pick-up is subject to our availability. Someone will call you to discuss a price for the work you need to be done.

  • We DO NOT pick up the following items:

Wood bed frames
Furniture which is broken, overly worn, stained, or covered in pet hair
Worn or stained mattresses
Baby items (any)
Computer monitors
Console TVs, non-working TVs
Decorative items, knick-knacks, dishes, etc.
Fabric, bedding, etc.

  • We WILL pick up the following items in good condition:

Metal bed frames
Couches (if you have pets we will not pick them up)
Computers (not monitors)
Washers and Dyers

  • We will also pick up scrap including:

Any metal items including large not working appliances
If you need trash hauled away we do that for a fee.

To schedule a pick up, request a quote, or place a work order, please call the Furniture Bank at 724-843-2384 ext 202